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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: Launcher issues
Date Sun, 18 Jan 2004 18:55:35 GMT
> From: Conor MacNeill []
> Dominique,
> Having unexpanded environment variables in the classpath was not something
> I had considered. I'll have a look at how this could be handled.
> Interestingly  this should indicate to the users some other problem in
> their classpath setup which they may have been unaware of :-)

Definitely ;-) Something I'll never run into, since my CLASSPATH is always
Empty (undefined actually).

But as I answered Antoine, the unexpanded env. var. lead might be a dead
end. There's no question the new Launcher barfs with IllegalArgument
exceptions thrown from the JDK code, most likely when parsing the class
path, when running with JDK 1.4.2 on Windows. What triggers it, I don't
know yet... --DD

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