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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Packaging new Ant tasks for submission?
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 17:13:05 GMT
Matt Harp wrote:

> Maintenance would always be done by us, since we have a vested interest in
> keeping the code base up to date and fully tested. Additionaly, having
> Apache control the code would allow other developers to add functionality to
> it if they so desire instead of having to wait on us to add something. To
> me, it's a matter of how our users get the Ant tasks, which is much easier
> if they ship with Ant. If they don't ship with Ant, then we have to support
> installing a seperate jar file for Ant users, and then it also requires the
> user to explicitly make taskdef defines in their build files for each
> Surround task they plan to use. If the tasks ship with Ant, then all we have
> to do is make sure the code stays up to date with our releases, which isn't
> a big deal at all.


I think we (the Ant dev team) would be much happier if you kept 
ownership of them and included them with your product. It is those 
things that dont get used by the regular developers (SCM other than 
CVS), the various other wrappers that cause problems, especially if 
product release cycles arent in sync. I dont think some of them (the 
Continuus tasks) have been used in years, yet we have to keep them alive.

Here is what you get by keeping hold of them
-can upgrade the tasks in sync with the rest of the SCM product
-dont need to wait for the next ant release (1.7) for them to appear
-easy to add into IDEs and the like
-can use the new namespace aware ant-lib features of ant1.6 to load more 
easily, and retain the old property file declaration for the 1.5 users.

We and developers get
-to avoid support calls
-to avoid maintaining code we may not have all the JARs to build, let 
alone the facilities to test
-to avoid documenting them
-to keep our optional libraries a lot smaller.
-to focus on core functionality

What we can do for you is give you a link in the documentation in the 
external tasks section -just edit the xml document used to generate the 
relevant part of the web site, submit the patch, and we will reference 
your external stuff.


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