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From Thomas Schapitz <>
Subject Re: FYI: Blog "Complex build systems need a real language" found
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 21:37:34 GMT

Oh mirror, please tell me, who in the world has the most complicated 
build script?

In the comments regarding the article I found one crucial hint that I want
to emphasize:

Big Projects usually have two sorts of dependencies, that need build

A vertical one, according to the software architecture choosen,
and a horizontal one, according to the decomposition of large
systems in business subsystems of manageable size.

As I take it, the overly large build file is partly due to the fact, 
that they failed
to recognize this, i. e. by decomposing the build file int two ortogonal 

In a moderately complex architecture, you should get away with 20 to 30 
all containig at most one major task involving mapping.
Because the architecture should be the same for all the business 
components, whats
left, is defining a DAG (either in ANT or any other tool) invoking the 
covering the architectural aspects.

Treating every system separately in the same file,
would get you quickly into the range of  100dreds of
targets, which could easily explain the outrages build file size.

In a certain way, I'm percieving ANT scripts as an static picture of the 
architecture. (Maybe that is why feel, that dynamic skripting ins't 
needed there
- I like the rather declarative approach of ANT)

But, speaking of something else...
misstakes like this might be partly due to a lack of  'ANT Best Practices'.
Anybody thinking about including something about that into the 


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