> > after clearly displaying that the beta manual is in fact beta (using
> > a background image reading BETA across the sheet, for example)...
> Something like
> <http://cvs.xemacs.org/viewcvs.cgi/XEmacs/xemacs/etc/xemacs-beta.xpm>?
> I like the idea.

I havenīt seen any interesting on that page.

> I haven't linked the manual from the site yet as I don't feel up to
> that task (manipulating graphics, that is).
> Stefan

I did a little try.
How about that?

Beta-Manual.zip contains a gif with text "Beta-Version" and a modified
cover.html. Modification is done on the <body> tag:
-<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
+<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" style="background-image:url(../images/Beta-Version.gif)">

If that is appropriate I can start writing a target for modifying the html sources.