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From "Kyle Adams" <>
Subject XML, XSL, and Ant
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2003 17:32:14 GMT
This is an extension of a thread that originally began in users (,
but is moving more towards a dev-type discussion.

I've noticed some odd behaviors in how <style> utilizes <xmlcatalog> - I'm not
sure if they're bugs, or just the way things work.

1) <xmlcatalog> only applies to source XML document - if there are entities/dtds in
the stylesheet, these can't be resolved by <xmlcatalog>.  Confirmed on Ant 1.5.3/Xalan
2.2, D11/Xerces 2.3.0 and Ant 1.6, B2/Xalan 2.5.1/Xerces 2.5.0/10-22-2003 snapshot of commons-resolver.

2) Any XML documents accessed via the document() function in the XSL will not have their entities/dtds
resolved.  Confirmed on Ant 1.5.3/Xalan 2.2, D11/Xerces 2.3.0

Are these just "the way things are" with resolvers, or should the resolver be catching entities/dtds
in the XSL and/or any XML documents validated during a transformation?



Kyle Adams | Java Developer  |  Gordon Food Service  |  616-717-6162

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