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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 24061] - <jsharpc> does not work well with a big number of source files.
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2003 16:37:33 GMT
On 23 Oct 2003, <> wrote:

> but here is a problem related to the C# side of things; I dont think
> mono handles the @file inclusion of long commands, so we run a risk
> of breaking things there.

[bodewig@bodewig jsps]$ mcs --help
Mono C# compiler, (C) 2001 - 2003 Ximian, Inc.
mcs [options] source-files
   --about            About the Mono C# compiler
   -checked[+|-]      Set default context to checked
   -codepage:ID       Sets code page to the one in ID
                      (number, `utf8' or `reset')
   -define:S1[;S2]    Defines one or more symbols (short: /d:)
   -debug[+-]         Generate debugging information
   -doc:FILE          XML Documentation file to generate
   -g                 Generate debugging information
   --fatal            Makes errors fatal
   -lib:PATH1,PATH2   Adds the paths to the assembly link path
   -main:class        Specified the class that contains the entry point
   -noconfig[+|-]     Disables implicit references to assemblies
   -nostdlib[+|-]     Does not load core libraries
   -nowarn:W1[,W2]    Disables one or more warnings
   -out:FNAME         Specifies output file
   --parse            Only parses the source file
   --expect-error X   Expect that error X will be encountered
   -recurse:SPEC      Recursively compiles the files in SPEC ([dir]/file)
   -reference:ASS     References the specified assembly (-r:ASS)
   --stacktrace       Shows stack trace at error location
   -target:KIND       Specifies the target (KIND is one of: exe, winexe,
                      library, module), (short: /t:)
   --timestamp        Displays time stamps of various compiler events
   -unsafe[+|-]       Allows unsafe code
   -warnaserror[+|-]  Treat warnings as errors
   -warn:LEVEL        Sets warning level (the highest is 4, the default)
   -v                 Verbose parsing (for debugging the parser)

   -linkresource:FILE[,ID] Links FILE as a resource
   -resource:FILE[,ID]     Embed FILE as a resource
   --mcs-debug X      Sets MCS debugging level to X
   @file              Read response file for more options

Options can be of the form -option or /option


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