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From Yannick Menager <>
Subject Maven-type ant tasks
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2003 13:54:20 GMT

I've been following Maven for a very long time, and was very impressed 
with the concept. I've tried to use it many times, but every time gave 
up due to bugs/problems etc.....

By now I've reached the conclusion that it has great functionality out 
of the box and a good concept, but the implementations just plain sucks.

So I've decided to duplicate ( and improve ) some of the good bits of 
those functionality as ant tasks :)

At the moment I have a depsfileset task, which replicates the automatic 
downloading of artifact dependencies that maven has, with some added extra:

- It supports "refs" dependencies. Those are basically an xml file, 
which itself contains a list of dependencies. So for example you wish to 
include Hibernate, which itself has lots of dependencies on common-* 
stuff. That way you'll just need to include ref='true', and have that 
file on the server containing the list of dependencies that file has.

- has a useCache attribute which allows to force him to allows download 
even if you already has the jarfile.

- support for multiple repositories ( including storing the cached files 
separately, to avoid conflicts. )

I've included at the bottom of this an example of how this works.

So I've decided to contribute this task to the Ant project, and as this 
is a new task (from what I read I'm not supposed to add it to bugzilla 
because of that) how do i do ? post it here on the mailing list ?

Also I'll be upgrading this task, and creating some other ones ( 
plugin-able repository implementation, and other Maven functionalities 
that would be nice to have )


    <deps:depsfileset id='projdeps'>
     	<repository name='jguild'
         <dependency name='cocoon'
         <dependency name='servlet'
         <dependency name='hibernate'
         <dependency name='someotherapp'

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