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From Antoine Lévy-Lambert <>
Subject ant1.6beta
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 21:49:21 GMT
Here an extract of the bug reports opened currently against ant1.6beta :

23455 	Enh	Oth	All	NEW		0	[PATCH] mark xlsp liaison as
23526 	Enh	Oth	All	NEW		0	<touch> should support nested
<filelist> elements
23601 	Nor	Oth	PC	NEW		0	More than one <property
file=".."/> element in <ant> task br
23609 	Min	Oth	All	NEW		0	[PATCH] Small debuggability
fixes for ProcessDestroyer
23637 	Enh	Oth	All	NEW		0	Provide an ant.file.dir or
ant.dir for the directory of the
23638 	Enh	Oth	Oth	NEW		0	Provide a change directory task
23639 	Maj	Oth	Oth	NEW		0	library jars placed in root
directory of war package.
23645 	Nor	Oth	PC	NEW		0	Timeout on <junit> task results
in wrong statistics
23686 	Nor	Oth	Oth	NEW		0	<exec> doesn't work well with
interactive programs


Other than that, that I can remember :

- DD has sent us a useful feedback email,

- we have received on the users list a complaing concerning the vssget task

Hopefully we can process the most important of these points and release a
second beta.

Any volunteers around to assess the different bugs, and fix them if required



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