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From "Shatzer, Larry" <>
Subject Native Java CVS implementation
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 18:31:51 GMT
I noticed in the source code for the CVS task, this comment:

        // XXX: we should use JCVS ( instead of
        // command line execution so that we don't rely on having
        // native CVS stuff around (SM)

        // We can't do it ourselves as jCVS is GPLed, a third party task
        // outside of jakarta repositories would be possible though (SB).

Which makes perfect sense. Even LGPL would have problems being linked too
with java's import statement.

Recently the idea of having a native java interface to cvs instead of
shelling out to CVS came up on the Maven development list

The NetBeans project was brought up, and javacvs in particular.

Since this is licensed under the Sun Public License
( which someone said is
compatible with the Apache License.

Now I know we can't just up and replace the current <cvs> task for backwards
compatibility (since we are never going to fully implement every possible
command combination). Maybe we can make a new optional task (<javacvs>),
since we have to link to something under the Sun Public License, and can't
re-distribute the jar file.

I don't know enough Java to tackle this myself, but thought I would start a
discussion and see who else is interested in a native java cvs task. (I've
seen it come up a few times on here, at least once that I can remember for

-- Larry

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