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From "Ross Gibb" <>
Subject Starteam connect/disconnect
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2003 12:53:44 GMT

I am using ANT with Starteam and having some troubles.  Right now my build script makes around
30 separate calls to Starteam targets (stcheckout, stlabel exclusively).  When the build is
finished Starteam seems to get into a weird state where everything is extremely slow (i.e.
using the Starteam gui to checkin or checkout code is really slow).  The slowness eventually
goes away, some sort of timeout I am guessing.  I tried to help myself and started poking
around the ANT source code to see how the Starteam API is used.  I think I found the call
to the Starteam API that connects to the server, it is:

In class

The function is:

     * All subclasses will call on this method to open the view needed for
     * processing.  This method also saves a reference to the
     * <code>Server</code> that may be accessed for information at various
     * points in the process.
     * @return the <code>View</code> that will be used for processing.
     * @see #createSnapshotView(View)
     * @see #getServer()
    protected View openView() throws BuildException {

        View view = null;
        try {
            view = StarTeamFinder.openView(getViewURL());
        } catch (Exception e) {
            throw new BuildException(
                "Failed to connect to " + getURL(), e);

        if (null == view) {
            throw new BuildException("Cannot find view" + getURL() +
                    " in repository()");

        View snapshot = createSnapshotView(view);
        this.server = snapshot.getServer();
        return snapshot;

You can see from the comments that this code returns a Starteam view (and keeps a connection
to the server) to the caller.  My question is, does this connection have to be closed after
you are finished using it????  I have found no code in the ANT source that actually disconnects
( if there is some please point me to it).  I have been in contact with the Borland support
who claim there is disconnect method that can be called to disconnect from the server (I am
not sure it applies in this case).  I have requested the Starteam API docs from Borland but
they seem to be ignoring me.  Hoping someone here would know.


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