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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject Misleading error reporting with <import>s
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2003 15:55:23 GMT
Before opening a BugZilla issue, I'll post what I'm seing:

I have a 'recursing' build file (build.xml), that imports recurse.xml to do
the actual recursing (build.xml just specify which subdirs to recurse into),
and the build file I'm recursing into (rescue.xml) fails to parse correctly
for good reasons (because using a custom URL protocol no longer defined).
Look at the error message below:

P:\com_lgc\10.0.7\gocad\T-Surf\Filters>build -Dmsdev=false
Buildfile: P:\com_lgc\10.0.7\gocad\T-Surf\Filters\build.xml

P:\com_lgc\10.0.7\gocad\config\recurse.xml:40: Error reading project file:
unknown protocol: resource

Total time: 2 seconds

The error message doesn't specify which build file failed to parse
correctly, and furthermore, the error is reported to occur in recurse.xml,
never mentioning that recurse.xml was in fact imported from build.xml or at
which line.

Add a level or two of importing and/or one or two ant/antcall/subant layer,
and it quickly becomes a real headache to troubleshoot a problem. Even in
this simple case, I was confused, when I'm the writers of all the build
files. Had to resort to -debug scrutinizing to figure it out, even that is
not easy at all. The debug out somehow shows the same references being set
several times, reports about imported build files several times, etc...

I *really* hope we would somehow improve on this situation before Ant 1.6
release. October 30 sounds like a hasty release date. --DD

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