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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject ANT 1.6: Caught BuildExceptions with Ided datatypes
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2003 11:34:49 GMT
In my builds I have top level tasks like the ones bellow.
Notice the usage of "${build}/apps" as the dir attribute for
the fileset/dirset. This file does not exists until some targets of
the build create this directory.

    <path id='all.xcomp'>
        <pathelement location='${xcomp}'/>
        <fileset dir='${build}/apps'>
            <include name='*/xcomp'/>

    <!-- All XCOMP directories -->
    <path id='all.xcomp.dirs'>
        <pathelement location='${xcomp}'/>
        <dirset dir="${build}/apps">
            <include name="**/xcomp"/>

Until 1.5.3 this was not a problem and the build worked correctly.
In 1.6b2 I get the following messages when the directory does not exist:

Buildfile: newbuild.xml
Caught exception ( while expanding
all.xcomp: E:\projects\ant1_6-branch-20031018\pita\build\apps not found.
Caught exception ( while expanding
all.xcomp.dirs: E:\projects\ant1_6-branch-20031018\pita\build\apps not

This is while executing a target that has nothing to do with these
Although it seem to continue, the scarry part is that one does not know
if the <path> will be
are being actually damaged because of the early expansion. That would
mean that when
the <path> is actually used at the correct point in time, it will not
acomplish what it is suppose
to do (because it was evaluated too early).

Why am I getting this errors? Could this be a backward compatibility

Jose Alberto

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