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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re obsolete xml-apis.jar in ant1.6 [was ant1.6beta2]
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2003 14:24:03 GMT
Dear Antites:
Yes, the xml-commons team is working on getting an official relase of our 
external component, xml-apis.jar, which would be suitable for using in your 
1.6 release.  (big thanks to Stefan for kicking me awake on this)

However, there are a number of issues including getting TCK compliance for 
this (which is theoretically legally required when shipping code that 
implements JAXP, etc.) so I'm not sure what our timeframe will be.  Could 
someone send me directly (I'm not on dev@ant) your estimated 1.6 ship date 
and the last date for code changes for it?

If worst comes to worst (and we're late), then you should simply bundle the 
xml-apis.jar that comes with the version of Xerces you are including (as 
someone already suggested).  This is not an official xml-commons release, 
but it is properly version matched to that Xerces, and will have better 
support for more recent versions of Xalan as well.  The code that generated 
that xml-apis.jar *should* have been tagged with the same tag as the 
xml-xerces code that generated that release, although I haven't checked 
this specific build yet.  Note also that this is xml-commons/java/external 
code from the tck-jaxp-1_2_0 branch, *not* from the HEAD of xml-commons.

Sorry if this introduces more confusion than help!

- Shane

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