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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: [ANTidote] possibly needs to be renamed!
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2003 19:22:42 GMT
Adam R. B. Jack wrote:
>>You may be right, because "antidote" is a commonly used word, but I am
>>with Stefan here and I feel playing save can't be bad :-).
> What are the chances that the new name isn't a clash with somebody else
> somewhere? How far/wide do you search? Do you change again in a while when
> somebody surfaces? When does it end?

when we bring a real product to market we pay lots of people for 
branding, user acceptance queries, etc. Even so, when you look at the 
global naming space, there are many cases of misnamed products. e.g The 
vauxhall/opel nova translated to 'no go' in spanish for example, which 
isnt good naming for a car, even though in the 1.1L version it was 
pretty apt.

> I think typically folks w/ name clashes, who don't truly clash in
> product/concept/marketing typically just learn to ignore it and coexist. The
> Internet is too big for no clashes. Maybe call it org.apache.ant.idote or
> something. ;-)

google for antidote and software:

Antidote for PC viruses

Antidote medical billing

Antidote computer services

The PC virus one crops up all the time.

Also a search of the USPTO of use registrations (try under)

shows that only antidote computer services have a live US registration

The EU search engine
shows nothing; I dont know what that means.

If it were just me, I would tell whoever sent the letter to Christophe 
that our product is a separate product from theirs, and we don't think 
there will be any more confusion between them than say MS office and 
Star Office. But I dont want to escalate things too out of hand. Indeed, 
given you are meant to call Ooo to distinguish it from 
OpenOffice, you can get very close to a trademark and still be clear. 
But it is too early to escalate.

Perhaps we just make sure that we call it Apache ANTidote on all the web 
page & docs tonight, send him a letter saying we have made sure that we 
use the full name. If he insists then raise the stakes by asking for to 
see the USPTO registration as you cannot find it in the search engine.

finally, if we do to change the products name we ping the virus software 
vendors and ask if they have received the same emails & what their 
action will be. heh.

> Surely Apache has run into this before, no?

probably. There is some kind of Apache perfume registered, I see.

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