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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: [vote] Ant 1.6 : further release plan
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2003 16:49:01 GMT wrote:
>>>>I would also like to make the 1.6 release on October 30th.
>>>+0, depends on how and which feedback we get on the second beta.
>>I am probably 0 here because I am worried that we havent got 
>>that much 
>>feedback from the first beta yet -which either means everything is 
>>near-perfect or not enough people have tested it.
> Can we get the number of downloads? 
> If there are many downloads we can think that all is fine. But if there
> are only a few ...

I guess we could also contact the dev teams in the hosting IDEs 
-netbeans, jedit, intellij and eclipse spring to mind- to see if they 
have had any issues with the build.

>>Maybe if we do an RC release on oct 30 then there will be 
>>more takeup, 
>>as people will assume it is ready to ship.
>>...this is a recurrent problem in OSS software: people steer clear of 
>>code till the x.0 release ships, it 'releases', which means that the 
>>bugs get found in the x.1 update. Maybe we should factor that 
>>in and go 
>>straight to the 1.6.0 with a plan to 1.6.1 two months later.
> +1, where is the different between a 1.6RC2 and a 1.6.1 ? Only in the name
> :-)
> Jan

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