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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: Native Java CVS implementation
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 20:52:45 GMT
I participated in one such discussion a while back. 
If I ever find myself working with CVS more than
fleetingly I wouldn't mind putting this together
myself, but working on this wouldn't serve my current
goals.  I think that having pure-Java CVS
functionality in Ant is just about a necessity.  Ant
itself lives in a CVS repository, as do countless
other open-source projects.  IMHO, if Ant is CVS-aware
enough to have CVS directories in "default excludes",
it should probably support CVS functionality as easily
as with most of the optional tasks (dropping a jar


--- "Shatzer, Larry" <>
> I noticed in the source code for the CVS task, this
> comment:
>         // XXX: we should use JCVS
> ( instead of
>         // command line execution so that we don't
> rely on having
>         // native CVS stuff around (SM)
>         // We can't do it ourselves as jCVS is
> GPLed, a third party task
>         // outside of jakarta repositories would be
> possible though (SB).
> Which makes perfect sense. Even LGPL would have
> problems being linked too
> with java's import statement.
> Recently the idea of having a native java interface
> to cvs instead of
> shelling out to CVS came up on the Maven development
> list
> &by=thread&from=518930)
> The NetBeans project was brought up, and javacvs in
> particular.
> Since this is licensed under the Sun Public License
> (
> which someone said is
> compatible with the Apache License.
> Now I know we can't just up and replace the current
> <cvs> task for backwards
> compatibility (since we are never going to fully
> implement every possible
> command combination). Maybe we can make a new
> optional task (<javacvs>),
> since we have to link to something under the Sun
> Public License, and can't
> re-distribute the jar file.
> I don't know enough Java to tackle this myself, but
> thought I would start a
> discussion and see who else is interested in a
> native java cvs task. (I've
> seen it come up a few times on here, at least once
> that I can remember for
> sure).
> -- Larry
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