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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] javadoc refactoring and supporting gjdoc
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2003 09:40:12 GMT
Sorry, I meant to respond to this a lot earlier.

On Fri, 12 Sep 2003, Takashi Okamoto <> wrote:

> Current javadoc task support only SUN's javadoc. However there are
> another javadoc engine like gjdoc which is GNU's javadoc altenative.

How similar/different are javadoc and gjdoc?  Does gjdoc support
something like doclets?

If they are too different, I'd rather suggest a completely new task
than merge two things that don't really lend themselves to merging.

> If ant supports gjdoc, it would be helpful for diffusion of gjdoc.

This is not really a concern for Ant, sorry.  I'd even go so far to
say that the "natural home" for a <gjdoc> task would be gjdoc and not

> In the past, I refactored rmic for other than SUN's rmic
> implementation.

Yes, I remember that.  But <rmic> is a lot easier to find a common
interface for, I'm afraid.  How many of javadocs attributes or nested
elements would be supported by gjdoc?  50%, 80% or all?

> SunJavadoc1 and SunJavadoc4 is same as javadoc1 and javadoc4 in
> current Javadoc implementation though I don't know why such
> named.

javadoc1 and javadoc4 are flags.  There are certain attributes that
can not be used for the javadoc version of JDK 1.1 as they've been
added later.  Likewise the javadoc for JDK 1.4 added new stuff.

You'd rather need SunJavadoc1.1, SunJavadoc1.2 and SunJavadoc1.4 where
SunJavadoc1.1 would only use the attributes and nested elements that
now get used if javadoc1 is true.  SunJavadoc1.2 all that will be used
if both flags are false and SunJavadoc1.4 all those where javadoc4 is


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