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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject AW: Volunteering: ejclientjar task missing? I want to write it
Date Sat, 20 Sep 2003 16:11:15 GMT
>Von: Per Olesen []
>Gesendet: Freitag, 19. September 2003 21:23
>I've often missed a task for generating a ejb clientjar. Ant already
>a "ejbjar" task, but - as far as I know - no way of generating a ejb
>clientjar from a generic ejbjar as input/source.
If this is a standard J2EE requirement, and if the task is really not
covered yet, then it is certainly in the scope of ant.

>I hereby volunteer to write one myself !

Contributions are always welcome.

>Should I start by sending a description on this list of how I would
>it (how it should work) or should I make a bugzilla report as a request for
>enhancement and then grab it myself (may I even grab an issue? I have not
>contributed to ant before).
It is OK that you discuss on the list how you want to implement the task.
Maybe there are also some J2EE discussion groups where you can also get some
When you have something ready, a report in bugzilla with the new files
attached to it as a tar or a tar.gz + a patch file made with cvs diff -u for
changes to existing code is what we like. Please include documentation and
test cases.

>I can also just write it like I would like it to work, and then submit the
>patch for it. But then I first get your valuable input after I've done the
>Also: Should I develop against 1.6? I can see that there is a proposal for
>starting a release-plan for 1.6. Might not make it into 1.6 then. Is there
>2.0 on the way? (there is a 2.0 name in bugzilla).
You should definitively develop against CVS_HEAD which is currently also
ant1.6alpha and will soon become ant1.7alpha. There is no 2.0 on the way.


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