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From Antoine Lévy-Lambert <>
Subject AW: Probably a FAQ: how to contribute a task
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 16:53:36 GMT
I do not see a need to change something to the web site.
There is a title "Contributing" on the home page of the web
To sum up : the preferred way is that you create a bug report in bugzilla,
with as an attachment the output of cvs diff -u concerning existing source
files, plus any new files as a tar file. There is a build file called
patch.xml in the root directory of ant's source distribution, which can be
used to prepare a patch file for existing files.
But maybe you should tell us also which function you want to cover with your
task. Depending on whether this function is really of general interest or
just covering a very specific functional area, the new task should be added
to ant or added to another open source project containing ant tasks.

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Von: Kenneth Wood []
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 18. September 2003 18:47
An: Ant Developers List
Betreff: RE: Probably a FAQ: how to contribute a task

Seems to me this question comes up over and over,
because no one seems to know to look in the CVS
source code tree for the information on how to
make submissions.

May I suggest two things:

1. Put the info on making submissions right up
   front on the Ant home page where no one can
   possibly miss it.

2. In the footnote at the bottm that tells how
   to unsubscribe from this list, add a line with
   "Submission Guidelines" - a hyperlink to the submission
   info on the web page.

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From: Miguel Griffa []
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2003 11:44 AM
Subject: Probably a FAQ: how to contribute a task

Hi all
I was wondering if someone could give me a hint on how this process is. I'm
probably going to write a task which I think would be usefull to
have in ant.
sould I write it and just send it to the list?

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