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From <>
Subject Next tutorial and Task (2)
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2003 14:50:02 GMT

I have committed the second working draft of the tutorial. Before
committing the task and porting the whole stuff to 1.6-branch I want to
hear some more comments.

Especially: are there any comments on the tutorial? Because I´m not a
native (English) speaker my English isn´t as good as it should - for
such a documentation :-)

I have to do the section about creating the patch file. I tried the
patch.xml at home. But Ant stops. Maybe because I have to use the SSH
tunnel. How to setup Ant-cvs? Are there any special settings? Should the
"cvsRsh" attribute set to "ssh" or is the environment variable

@steve: I had a quick view on the <whichresource> task. You´re right. I
think renaming the <find> to <whichfile> would be good. BTW, I added the
link to the
coretasklist (if nobody knows the task...) :-) 

@steve: "an extension of 'available'" - never written a condition
before, I have to have a look into that. But sounds good. Should be
possible to have task that works as a condition... Have to read some
more code :-) But I think that would be a version 2 of that. After
reading I think implementing the "public boolean eval()
throws BuildException" should be enough. I try that out.

@steve: nice author-comment on WhichResource :-)


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