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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Microsoft discover XML based build tools
Date Sat, 27 Sep 2003 04:29:35 GMT

"MSBuild is the [extensible, scalable, transparent] next generation 
build engine and platform for Visual Studio .NET.  Many of our sharpest 
PMs, developers, testers, and yes, even writers, are feverishly working 
on this project.

A number of folks with whom I've discussed MSBuild--including several 
enterprise development consultants in the field--believe that it just 
might be the single most important feature innovation in our pipeline. 
And if you consider how many one-off build tools and convoluted 
prescriptive build processes have been developed (or evolved) since the 
release of VS.NET 2002, it's hard to argue with them."

ooh, xML build tools are now 'strategic'. wow. And I just thought they 
were damage limitation. I wonder how many lines of msbuild will it take 
to compile a COM typelib into a .NET assembly, disassemble that 
assembly, patch up the declarations to marshall arrays properly and 
reassemble it. In ant1.6 that takes 12 lines, if you go for the 
human-readable option.

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