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From Gus Heck <>
Subject Re: AW: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 23397] - Need attribute for target tag to indicate hidden/internal target
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 15:57:55 GMT
In fact I would be even more interested to hear the opinons of both 
commiters and non-commiters :).


Gus Heck wrote:

> Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:
>> What you would like would be useful to prevent the "wrong" targets from
>> being called. But I wonder whether this change would not make ant
>> unnecessary complex.
> The default (atribute omitted) state should behave as always. This is 
> necessary for back compatability, and to keep the learning curve from 
> getting too steep. The import task gives me the same sort of worry 
> about complexity, but I keep reiminding myself... You don't have to 
> use it if you don't want it ;). So at least from the user side, there 
> is no obligatory complexity increase. The addition of another atribute 
> in the documentation for target would be the only brain drain :)...
> As for the development side, it may lead to increased complexity if we 
> add access modifiers with more complex meanings. As it is now, however 
> the only meaning of public/private is "do we reject it when invoked 
> from the command line" and the only time we need to check that is 
> already included in the patch.
> I too would be interested to hear what other commiters think.
> - Gus
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