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From "Jack J. Woehr" <>
Subject Re: antidote diff
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2003 06:12:56 GMT
Christoph Wilhelms wrote:

> It's an old, but just in some points outdated TODO-list. Feel free to
> pic up a task!

This is the same checked-in TODO list that is in the CVS tree, right?

Maybe the first step is to update the TODO list :-)

Let's look at some items from TODO List:

    * Cleanup build.xml file; make antidote specific.

     This has been done already, right?

    * Rewrite ACSFactory to use it's own parser rather than the implementation
      specific com.sun.xml.tree.SimpleElementFactory class (only available
      in JAXP from Sun).

     Done? Still TODO?

    * Add editors for defining file sets, and other "sets".

     This has been done already, right?

    * Write wizzard framework.

     The framework is there, but there are currently no wizards, right?

    * Implement a build progress reporter.

     What would that look like, compared to the console that currently exists?

    * Implement a "Worker Thread" pattern that allows workers to have
      their work done in a thread property registered with Antidote, and
      provide support to that worker to provide progress updates via
      the GUI. Should also provide support for hour-glass cursor
      handling, and AWT event blocking until task is completed. This
      would be used for things such as loading files or other tasks
      that the user must wait for completion.

     Has this been done or is it still TODO? I think it is still TODO.

    * Add menu option to select the compiler to use, which then sets
      the "build.compiler" property. Better yet, create a generic menu
      building capability that allows the setting of a property from a
      list of options.

     Still TODO, right?

    * Add ability to put an "all" or "don't care" specifyer on the action
      "enableOn" and "disableOn" properties.

     Still TODO, right?

    * Add ability to view task dependencies more fully.

     Describe this facility?

    * Add better editors for specific tasks.


    * Add a Progress Monitor for file loading (especially for slow boxen like
      mine) .

     Still TODO, right?

    * Implement some for of refid hyperlinking functionality.

     Describe this facility?

    * Implement context sensitive menus for the console window, allowing
      an error to be selected and invoked in IDE.

     "Jump-to" in Antidote itself?

    * Write preferences framwork, including persistence support.

     Trivial, still TODO? I can borrow this from my own open source code.

    * Provide some sort of class path debugging support.

     Describe this facility?

    * Add "syntax" colorization to the console window {done},
      with a preferences editor for setting up the styles {not-done}.

     Describe this facility?

    * Figure out an approach to gracefully stopping a running build.

     Hmmm ... screech! crash! :-)

    * Add error handler for SAX parser to better report loading errors.

     Still TODO?

    * Project properties viewer, including the ability to view
      dependencies (local and cascading).

     Describe this facility?

    * Acquire or implement a logging facility.

     What, are we thinking JLog here?

    * Eat more dog food.

     I'm using it! It's not easy to use yet, the editors are not much fun to use compared
to merely typing things in NetBeans source editor!

Also, I'd add this usability feature:

   * When you are editing some task or property or target and you decide to delete that thing,
the editor should disappear.

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