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From <>
Subject [NOT PATCH] Possible new optional task for file modification
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 12:42:11 GMT
(Sorry if this doesn't follow the standard "patch" way of doing things. I'm new to this Open
Source experience!)

Please find attached a submission for consideration as an additional optional Ant (1.5.x+)

The Javadoc describes what it does, but as a summary:

The task allows a (common) file to be updated with (multiple) content "fragments" where the
fragments should be inserted at one or more tagged locations within the file.

This is handy, for example, when adding sub-system specific configuration information into
an application-wide configuration file formatted (for example) as an XML or properties file.

I can supply my example Ant/test files if you'd like. In addition, I can supply a JUnit test
case if you think it's worth having as a new optional task.

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