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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Bug 11103
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 12:39:54 GMT
I have been looking at Bug 11103.

I agree that having a dependency between the core Ant packages and the 
optional package is undesirable. To remove this dependency, we can introduce 
an interface, say TraXAdapter, in the o.a.t.a.taskdefs package, which 
TraXLiasion then implements. 

To introduce this interface requires a small backwards compatability break in 
XSLTProcess because the method configureTraXLiaison would have to change its 
signature. It would probably be worth renaming this method anyway.

An alternative approach would be to move TraxLiasion into the o.a.t.a.taskdefs 
package. The current version in o.a.t.a.taskdefs.optional could be retained, 
for anyone extending it, but would not be used by Ant. Actually I want to 
eventually create a parallel source tree to hold all the obsolete code.

Both the above approaches would introduce a dependecy in the Ant core on 
javax.xml.transform and org.xml.sax packages. A more extensive refactoring 
could avoid this. Such an approach wpould remove the configureTraXLiasion 
method altogether and move it to the TraXLiasion itself and then provide an 
interface extension, say XSLTLiasion2, that allows the Liasion to configure 
itself from the XSLTProcess instance, similar to the way compiler adapters 
configure themselves form the javac task.

I think the latter is the way to go.


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