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From "Knut Wannheden" <>
Subject [vms] case sensitivity and <fileset>s
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 11:43:11 GMT
The old native file system (ODS-2) on OpenVMS is completely case
insensitive.  A file will have all uppercase letters in the name and can be
accessed using lowercase, uppercase, or mixed case.

With the new ODS-5 file system this is a little bit different; I'd call it
"partially case sensitive".  Files and directories can be created with mixed
case, but you cannot have two files which would have the same name if they
were both written in uppercase.  E.g. you can't have two files "FOO" and
"foo" in the same directory.  The case of a file "FoO" is preserved after
it's been created, but it can be accessed under any of the names "foo",
"Foo", etc.  The canonical path would still be "FoO" (to express it in Java
terms).  (Unfortunately the JVM implementors haven't implemented the
File#getCanonicalPath() correctly yet.)

So one solution would be to leave this problem with the buildfile editor, in
which case has has to write the <fileset> patterns correctly, just like on
other systems.  This is a little bit unsatisfactory as it is counter

Another solution would be to by default make <fileset>s case insensitive on
VMS, as they don't make very much sense on the native file systems.  This
could be done in the AbstractFileSet constructor, which would still let the
user override the behaviour by setting casesensitive="true".

I favor the latter approach.  Opinions?



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