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From Gus Heck <>
Subject Re: PropertyHelper (was: Re: beating the dead Ant 1.6 horse)
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 14:07:43 GMT
> Yes. PropertyHelper is a property interceptor, and it simply rocks.
> In essence, you register a helper with Ant. Then, at each request for 
> a property, each registered helper is asked for the property value in 
> turn; the first one that has it, returns it.

Completely not following this property helper discussion up to this 
point so I may be repeating something, (forgive me if I am) but this 
sounds like the results of the request for a property could change if a 
new property helper gets added... Does this break immutability? It may 
be that the value of a property object never changes, but if the value 
of ${foo} is one thing and then becomes another when a helper is 
added.... I suspect whatever you have done is not going to cause this, 
but what about someone writing a custom task that intentionally adds and 
removes property helpers. What happens if someone writes a <setproperty> 
task built on this idea? what happens if the property helper intercepts 
built in things like ${basedir}? Sounds like the basis for a possible 
<chdir> task :). Sounds highly abusable to me...

If you have set it up so ant doesn't accept new property helpers after 
it starts executing the file, then this probably isn't an issue...

Just curious,

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