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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: RE : Recursive properties resolution ?
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 19:09:59 GMT
Emmanuel FELLER wrote:

> Hi Steve,
> Thanks for your response.
> I tried your way yesterday evening but now I have 18 properties files
> (16 with business and build properties and 2 for the paths to the
> properties file). Some of them have 50-60 properties defined, and all
> others have only 3 or 4.

that seems a reasonable number. If you have one per target system and 
one per app server then you avoid an explosive n*m growth in configs. So 
you keep scalability manageable.

> Is that better than having recursive resolution ? That's why I asked my
> question : what is the limit betwenn several properties to maintain and
> the recurive resolution concern ?
> In our mind (my boss and me), we won't be able to maintain this lot of
> properties files. (Because now we should store them into a SCM and
> control the dependancies and the coherence betwenn all properties file
> for a build as we could have multiple build in the same hour with
> "naturely" change of properties).

Then you need to run ant with a command line that is ant, or ant for the different 

> So we will develope a recursive resolution task, it solve the potential
> issue on multiple properties files management.
> I will contribute this if your are interested.

I am afraid, for the same reason we arent going to put the ant-contrib 
one in: it is the wrong way to do things.

If it were done, then it is better done properly. Recursive expansion is 
  a hack...normal languages use arrays and maps to do this kind of thing.

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