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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: "echo"-task, ignorable whitespace and CDATA-elements
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2003 17:14:43 GMT
Morten Mortensen wrote:

> Hi Stefan & all,
> Sure - "bad". :)
> The text for the "fail"-task and so on - they have the same... functionality
> as "echo"?

Any task that accepts text content, that it has a setText() method, has 
the right to be given the content text with all whitespace, as permitted 
by the XML-spec (in my reading).

That means: fail, sql, telnet, mail, input and many other parts of the 

> What about Ant 2? It is sleeping until 1.6 is completed?
> The 2-version was supposed to... "break things" for a last time? Then why
> not consider to do something about it as part of Ant 2?

There is currently no plans to do a 'breaks things' version of 
Ant...instead Ant1.x is evolving to the point where we can call it 2.0. 
There are too many people and tools that use ant for us to forcibly 
break everything.

If we were, believe me, there are more pressing things, like why if= and 
unless= operation, (which take the name of a variable, not a value), or 
the whole issue of what to do with properties that havent been defined.

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