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From peter reilly <>
Subject Re: DataTypes
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2003 16:51:11 GMT
You can look in bugzilla:

or some of of the e-mail trails, including

The main points are:
1)  In ant 1.6, tasks and types are unified.
A task is just a type that extends, or has
been adapted to do that.

2) the definitions of types and tasks may be placed together in
an xml definition file called an "antlib". This file can be used by
<typedef/> in the same way as property files are used currently.

3) Ant Introspection has been extended to allow
   add(Class t) and addConfigured(Class t) match types. This
   is usefull to allow types to be used as conditions, filterchains,

On Tuesday 05 August 2003 17:17, Adam Jack wrote:
> Thanks Stefan, good information, I appreciate it.
> >	In principle with Ant 1.2, but <typedef> didn't exist before Ant 1.4
> >	(and didn't work properly before 1.5).
> So, let's see. If I make my classes sub-class from DataType, but don't rely
> upon folks having to typedef them, then I ought be in good shape for 1.2
> onwards, and users can leverage <typedef> (and perhaps references).
> Again, and sorry if it is an FAQ -- but what is the "correct" ant to be
> backwards compatible with these days?  1.5? Older?
> I have some new tasks I want to publish, and they are heavily into nested
> sub-elements, but since I test with 1.6 nightly I could easily have
> compatibility problems.
> Is there any testing process to determine compatibility level (other than
> users... ;-) ;-)
> 	> 2) What are the primary benefits of DataTypes? Re-use & References?
> 	In 1.6 there is a whole bunch of new opportunities for them, but let's
> 	stick with 1.5.x for now.
> Mind telling me about 1.6?
> 	> 3) Ought pretty much all NestedElement be DataTypes -- to be more
> 	> flexible?
> 	The only flexibility you gain is that you can define them outside of
> 	tasks,
> Sounds enough "more flexible" for me to want to do this.
> I will have to investigate is there is an easy way/pattern to allow
> something to be a nested sub-element or have reference id, on the parent
> element. If there is, and it is cheap for you to let me know, please do,
> otherwise I'll dig into example code.
> 	> 4) I really find this "unfortunate":
> 	>
> 	> 	<typedef resource="krysalis-version" />
> 	> 	<taskdef resource="krysalis-version" />
> 	Ant 1.6 will change this by using the new antlib concept.
> How do I find out about this? I am sure I've missed gobs of stuff on this
> list, that is in the archive, so I could start there. That said, is there
> any "one stop antlib info shop" I could benefit from, like a design
> document or wiki or something?
> Thank in advance, and thanks again for the information.
> regards
> Adam
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