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From "Jeff Tulley" <>
Subject Re: New Laucher
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 19:36:10 GMT
Ok, I finally had some time to look at this.  Here is my feedback:

on NetWare the existing code only needed two small changes to work, in
both toURI and fromURI.  The change in toURI is one that I think is
necessary for all platforms anyway.

In toURI. there is the following code:

try {
   path = normalize(path).getAbsolutePath();
   // add an extra slash for filesystems with drive-specifiers
   if (!path.startsWith("/")) {
} catch (BuildException e) {
     // relative path

Shouldn't the last if statement instead be the following?:

   if (!path.startsWith(File.separator)) {

With this one change, toURI seems to work well on NetWare.  I would
also add some tests to (diff file attached,

in fromURI, I think it is sufficient to look for a ":" anywhere in the
filename, instead of just at the second position.  An change from
uri.charAt(2) == ':' to uri.lastIndexOf(':') > -1  seems to work for on
Windows and NetWare.  I've attached diff files for Locator and

Hopefully my attachments are in a format that won't be stripped by the
mailing list, I can never remember what extension they need.

I'll look into the other test failures on NetWare as well, that didn't
seem to be related to this new Launcher and / or FileUtils changes.
(Available and SignJar both fail on NW currently).

Jeff Tulley  (
Novell, Inc., The Leading Provider of Net Business Solutions

>>> 7/11/03 2:23:33 AM >>>
On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, Jeff Tulley <> wrote:

> Looking at it, the fromURI is a method I should have considered and
> added some NetWare test cases for.

fromURI is rather new - compared to the other Netware related stuff
you've submitted.

> I'll work out some test cases, see if the previous code handled them
> and suggest changes if necessary.



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