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Subject Re: Newbie contributor wannabe - WebLogic JSP Compiler
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 21:03:00 GMT
Also, the current WebLogic JSP Compiler only allow the following options:
        - classpath
        - packagename
        - webapp (aka src)
        - d (aka dest)

I hope to provide support for all of the following options:

    -webapp <directory> Directory to be considered as the document 
                      root for resolving relative files. 
    -compileFlags <flags> Use this to specify non-standard options to 
                      the java compiler (those other than -g 
                      -nowarn, etc).  E.g, -compileFlags "+E 
                      -otherOpt +P" 
    -verboseJavac     whether to invoke java compiler with -verbose
                      (default false, use -verbose also) 
    -compileAll       compile all .jsp files below the directory 
                      specified by -webapp 
    -depend           only compile files that are out of date 
                      (source .jsp file(s) newer than generated 
                      .class file) 
    -k                continue compiling files, even when some fail
    -noTryBlocks      disable use of try/finally blocks for BodyTag
                      extensions. Improves code for deeply-nested 
    -charsetMap <charsetMapString> specify mapping of IANA or unofficial 
                      names used in JSP contentType directives to 
                      java charset names.  E.g., '-charsetMap 
                      x-sjis=Shift_JIS,x-big5=Big5'  The most 
                      common mappings are built-in to jspc.  Use 
                      this option only if a desired charset mapping
                      isn't recognized. 
    -keepgenerated    Keep the generated .java files. 
    -commentary       Emit commentary. 
    -compiler <javac> Java compiler to use. 
    -compilerclass <null> Load compiler as a class instead of an 
    -g                Compile debugging info into class file. 
    -O                Compile with optimization on. 
    -nowarn           Compile without warnings. 
    -verbose          Compile with verbose output. 
    -nowrite          Don't generate .class files. 
    -deprecation      Warn about deprecated calls. 
    -normi            Passed through to Symantec's sj. 
    -J<option>        Flags passed through to java runtime. 
    -classpath <path> Classpath to use during compilation. 
    -d <dir>          Target (top-level) directory for compilation.
    -encoding <options> Valid args are "default" to use the default 
                      character encoding of JDK, or named character
                      encoding, like "8859_1". If the -encoding 
                      flag is not present,  an array of bytes is 
    -compilerSupportsEncoding <options> Set to "true" if the java compiler 
                      the -encoding flag, or "false" if it does 
    -package <packageName> The package into which the .jsp files should 
                      be placed 
    -superclass <superclass> The class name of the superclass which this 
                      servlet should extend. 
John Liao

"Peter Nimmervoll" <>
07/07/2003 03:37 PM
Please respond to "Ant Developers List"

        To:     "Ant Developers List" <>
        Subject:        Re: Newbie contributor wannabe - WebLogic JSP Compiler

Hmm, what is the problem with the current WebLogic JSP Compiler Ant Task?

On Monday 07 July 2003 21:29, wrote:
> I would like to contribute to the Ant project by providing an upgrade to
> the existing WebLogic JSP Compiler
> Ant Task.
> I have created an Ant Task for Weblogic JSP Compiler and have done some
> prelimary tests for:
> - BEA WebLogic 6.1 SP3 on Windows 2000, RedHat 8.0, and Solaris 8 OS
> - BEA WebLogic 7.0  SP2  on Windows 2000, RedHat 8.0, and Solaris 8 OS
> - BEA WebLogic 8.1  on Windows 2000
> But I am unable to test it against the older versions of BEA Weblogic,
> especially version 4.5.1
> as documented by the current stable release of the WebLogic JSP Compiler
> optional Ant Task.
> Also, this task was written from the ground up with no re-use of the
> existing code base in
> In this instance, what is the standard procedure or policy ?
> Do I introduce this as a new optional task or upgrade the existing task 
> The other question is how do I contribute my source?
> As far as I can tell, I need the following:
> 1.  Get a cvs login (how does one get a cvs login)?
> 2. Sign a Contributor License Agreement.
> Are there more administrative steps? If anyone can point to references
> or elaborate the steps, I would be much obliged.
> Regards,
> John Liao

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