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From "Rory I. Sinclair" <>
Subject Tiny patch to
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 11:03:44 GMT

	Forgive a wet-behind-the-ears newbie here, this is my first contrib.

	I have made a tiny patch to to support multiple packages.
CVS itself happily accepts a space-separated list of packages/files to
perform the rdiff command upon, but the Ant task (at least in 1.5.3) fails
with a StringIndexOutOfBounds exception.

	The patched file is attached, and I have separately emailed the original
authors.  The changes are minimal.  Basically, instead of using the string
length of the module (since there can now be many) to remove the 'File
ModuleName/' part at the start of each diff line (when parsing the rdiff
output), it just searches for the first index of '/', and substrings
everything from one character after that index.  I haven't tested this in a
Unix environment, so I don't know if the same slash is used, perhaps this
could be looked at by another?

		// get rid of 'File module/"
                line = line.substring(line.indexOf("/")+1);


		Rory Sinclair

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