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From Ken Gentle <>
Subject RE: <exec> on openvms
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2003 16:08:14 GMT
On the 8 argument limitation, you could pass *all* the arguments in a 
single DCL argument, then have the wrapper parse them (DCL has some 
reasonable tokenizing functions IIRC)

I don't recall any restriction on the size of DCL script arguments, but it 
will documented be in the DCL manual.

At 11:50 AM 7/10/2003, you wrote:
> > At the moment it seems that Ant's basic requirements to make <exec>
> > work could be covered by Java and maybe an ANTRUN.COM DCL script along
> > the lines of antRun and antrun.bat.
> >
>If I'm not mistaken then a DCL script can only process a maximum of 8
>arguments and the call to a DCL script from Java, including the script
>filename and its arguments, can at the most be 256 characters long.
>In the case of a the ANTRUN.COM DCL script, which will be used by Ant to run
>arbitrary commands through the DCL shell, this could be a problem.  The
>first argument is the working directory to use, the second is the command to
>run.  This only leaves 6 slots left to use as arguments for the command.
>Further the path to ANTRUN.COM, the path to the working directory, and the
>command string all together will probably occupy quite many of the 256
>characters available.
>Either this is a limitation users on VMS have to live with or a different
>approach is required.  For instance it would be possible to create a
>temporary DCL script which has all the information in it to set the working
>directory and run the command.  This has two advantages: First the limit on
>the number of arguments to the command to execute is not artificially
>lowered and second invoking a command from inside a DCL script allows a
>command length of 1024 characters.  The big disadvantage being that a
>temporary file has to be created and deleted again.  And VMS is not exactly
>known for having a high performant file system.
>Any thoughts?  (I'm not sure that I got all the facts correct here, so maybe
>someone will be able to correct me.)

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