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From Jorge Pereira <>
Subject Re: help wanted - escaping from quotes
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 10:52:51 GMT
Hi Morten,

      First thanks for your replay.

      The problem is that if i do as you say (and i have tested this
before) the second URL does not apear in the rmi property and the rmid
can't download the jini classes. So it gives a "no class def found

      In the sun documentation they say (and that is true) that, whenener
more that one url is neaded one must put the diferent url's in quotes
separated by a space in the refered java.rmi.server.codebase.

      The problem is that the jvmargs tag does not do this. I think you
are right. My first atempt was to put as you say, in the ant build.xml
but with no success.

      I think this is a bug in the ant <jvmargs> tag, but, until now, i
did not have a response from the ant team.

      So if i do:
file:///$basedir/lib/jini/jini-core.jar" />
          - jmarg only provides the first url to forked jvm;
      and like this:
file:///$basedir/lib/jini/jini-core.jar"' />
          - jmarg only provides the first url to forked jvm with the first
quote, so "file:/// is an unknown protocol.

So anymore suggestions ???

          Jorge Pereira

Morten Mortensen wrote:

  >Hi Jorge,
  >You really want your quotes like -
  >- on the command-line!
  >When you feed in a single "jvmarg" to Ant, the quotes are not necessary
  >- in fact, the quotes are *not* part of the file-URL, but does become 
  >of the file-URL; try how things work out without them!
  >  Morten Sabroe Mortensen
  >-----Original Message-----
  >From: Jorge Pereira
  >Sent: 29-07-03 17:52
  >Subject: help wanted - escaping from quotes
  >    i have to pass the following argument to a class for RMID download
  >of stubs:
  >the previous line, works fine on the command line.
  >But in the ant this doesn't work.
  >I tryed :
  >file:///$basedir/lib/jini/jini-core.jar"' />
  >but i gives me an error like this one :
  > no protocol:
  >Does anyone tryed this ???
  >thanks in advance.
  >Jorge Pereira
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