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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: <exec> on openvms
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2003 21:08:20 GMT
Wannheden, Knut wrote:

>>>If I'm not mistaken then a DCL script can only process a maximum of
>>>8 arguments and the call to a DCL script from Java, including the
>>>script filename and its arguments, can at the most be 256 characters
>>I'm out of OpenVMs business for too long, to know whether you are
>>correct.  Ken's suggestion of munging the arguments into a single one
>>and reparsing it afterwards may be feasible.  Don't know about the
>>length limitations.
> That's certainly a way to get around the parameter count limit, but leaves
> me with even two characters less ;-)
>>>Either this is a limitation users on VMS have to live with or a
>>>different approach is required.
>>Users live with command line length limitations on all OSes, the
>>limits just vary.  256 is not much, I agree.  If there is a different
>>solution, the go for it.
> I found that you can't even use the full 256 characters from within Java.
> Probably because the JVM uses SYS$SYSTEM:LOGINOUT.EXE to execute the script,
> which again requires characters.
> I have now implemented a strategy which allows me to both use longer
> commands (up to 1024 characters) and use DCL verbs transparently.  I just
> write the command to a temporary .COM file and execute that.
> I'd like to know how I can submit these patches.  My goal would be to make
> Ant fully VMS compatible.  But I think this requires quite a lot of work.
> For me it would be great if for now just the <exec> task would work.
> What remains to be done:
>  1. Add a method Execute#isFailure(int result) or something similar
>  1.1 Modify <exec> to use this method
>  1.2 Update documentation of <exec>
>  2. Write a RUNANT.COM DCL sript for shell execution
>  3. Write a ANT.COM (and BUILD.COM) script
> Task 1. (and 1.1, 1.2) should be easy.
> 2. could prove to be pretty hard as Java would actually pass a Unix style
> path to the DCL script which would have to be parsed into a VMS filespec.

unless java does the VMS filespec generation

> 3. would be about to make Ant VMS compatible in general.

could you re-use the perl scripts?

> I still haven't been able to run all the unit test.  So I expect to have to
> make some minor changes to those as well.
> --
> knut

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