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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Ant Documentation
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2003 19:18:05 GMT
Andrew Marlow wrote:

> writes:
>>Hi Andrew,
>>I must confess I have downloaded your bz2 file but not yet opened it.
>>I am interested by your work, because ant documentation needs to be
>>improved, but my personal inclination would be to perfect the proposal of
>>Erik Hatcher (with xdocs) 
> What proposal is that?

Erik's xdoc work is automated generation of the core task refernce, from 
  java docs by way of xdoclet. This is good because it is perfectly in 
sync with the code, and doesnt need extra human intervention above and 
beyond the source files.

xdocs only covers the task and type reference; we need the covering docs 
in a reusable format. And we need the source marked up with 
(to-be-written) tags to let us specify the only-one-of rules for attributes.

> AFAIK, the only other proposal is to use DocBook
> which my approach will allow via some scripts I am working on.

I was just playing with openoffice.org1.1's docbook support to see if it 
could be used as a docbook editor for this purpose. It does work with 
.dbk files, but only by XLST-ing them in and out. So it is likely to 
change the layout of the files every time you edit them, and certainly 
it makes them unreadable in ascii text editors (sigh).


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