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From "Antoine Levy-Lambert" <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.6 todo thoughts
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2003 16:35:40 GMT

"Conor MacNeill" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> I'd like to kick off a discussion on what needs to be done to get Ant 1.6
to a
> release. I'm just going to ramble through some random thoughts I have been
> having in no particular order just to get discussion started.
> I don't have any fixed timeframe in mind, or anything so concrete at this
> stage but I think we need to start looking at it. After all, I can only
> seeing the javah bug reported so many times. Funny how often there is one
> that gets a lot of airplay that it indicates a release may be a good idea.
There is also a bug affecting Perforce (bugzilla reports 18956 and 18129)
which is severe and is fixed in ant 1.6alpha.

> 2. Import task
> I think this needs more testing and work. I currently have a disabled
> that shows one problem. I think we have had some discussions on the
> of basedirs for imported stuff without any clear resolution.

I have seen that if you are using a combination of subant and import, and
you are importing the same common.xml in the main build file and in the
build files
invoked by subant, then a warning is issued :
"Duplicated project name in import. Project stepstream.common defined first
in c:\dev\testant\teststs\common.xml and again in

> 4. xdocs proposal & manual generation
> I'm not sure if this is still at the proposal stage or ready for
primetime. I
> think we probably won't progress unless we agree that this is the way to
> generate the Ant manual and commit to supporting it as part of the
> build process. If it is the way to go, I'd like to hurry it along.
If we want to go this way, I would propose that we refactor the current
manual so that its subdirectory structure follows the new manual structure,
with directories matching the @ant.category tags and fix the html links
inside the manual.
Then we could replace the manual pages one by one by the xdocs generated
It might look a bit strange in the beginning, but might also be a way of
migrating while making sure that content does not get lost (valuable
examples, comments, ...)
It would be cool if the styles available in the manual pages were the same
as the styles available in the rest of the xdocs.
Particularly, it is handy to be able to have <source>![CDATA[.... in the
files containing the examples,
so that you can type samples in without escaping them


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