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From Nick Chalko <>
Subject Re: Using classloader for Junit
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2003 15:40:35 GMT
Conor MacNeill wrote:

>On Fri, 20 Jun 2003 12:17 am, Nick Chalko wrote:
>I'll be interested to see if this works :-) I have my doubts. As soon as you 
>go into the main loader to find the task classes 
>(, you won't be able 
>to see the Junit classes from the child loader. If you play class loader 
>games to avoid this then you are headed for LinkageErrors. Forking is almost 
>always more preferable.
if (resourceName.startsWith("")) 
{return useParentFirst;}
HACK worked last night.

I will try something a little cleaner tonight.

>BTW, I don;t really agree with the <classloader> task being used to modify the 
>effective classpath of running ClassLoaders. I'm sure this will cause trouble 
Seems to break some of the "properties are  immutable" philosophy of ant.

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