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From "Kyle Adams" <>
Subject J2EE Deployment Models
Date Mon, 19 May 2003 20:02:16 GMT
This is not an Ant-specific question, but I'm not aware of any general 
build/deploy/promotion practices e-mail lists, and this is the closest
thing to that.  If 
someone does know of such a list/newsgroup, let me know and I redirect
my query 
as appropriate.

Our current deployment for J2EE apps is to use an EAR.  Inside the
EAR's base 
directory, we have a lib directory, which contains JARs that the EJB
JARs may 
reference in their Class-Path entry (ie, fop.jar, log4j.jar, etc.). 
Also within the base 
directory are all the WARs and EJB JARs that make up the EAR.

We have a third party source providing us with an EAR that uses a
different deployment model, and I'd be curious to hear opinions and
thoughts on it.  
Within the EAR the application is split up into three different
presentation, common, and service tiers.  Each group is a JAR file,
within it whatever EJB JARs or WARs fall within that logical grouping. 
So there are 
3 layers of packging that occur - the EJBs and WARs get wrapped up into
generic JAR by group, and then the 3 groups composing the application
wrapped up into an EAR.

As build manager and deployer, our build, deploy, and promotion
processes (and by 
that, I mean the automated scripts, including Ant files) would face
change to support this new model.  I also have concerns about how
standard or 
non-standard this type of deployment model is.  We really try to stick
close to the 
specs for J2EE and avoid anything that ties us to non-standard
practices, or 
vendor lock-in.



Kyle Adams
Developer, Gordon Food Service

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