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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject <propertyset>
Date Mon, 12 May 2003 15:32:46 GMT
You may or may not have noticed, that I've added this new data-type.
This is useful in a couple of places, like

<ant ...>
    <propertyref name=""/>

will pass down to the child build, if a property of that
name exists - and silently ignore it if there is no property by that


    <propertyref regexp="^[^j][^a][^v][^a]"/>

will pass all Ant properties whose name does not start with "java" (at
least I think so ;-) and is at least four characters long as system
properties to the called class, both in forked and in unforked mode.

What I am missing right now, is a simple way to express the
propertyset that contains all properties of this project.  I've been
thinking of an attribute named builtinset with values all, system and
command-line for all properties, system properties and properties
specified on the command-line (or as nested <property> element),
i.e. "user" properties.


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