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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: Free-form ANT Task Structure
Date Tue, 20 May 2003 16:38:24 GMT
peter reilly wrote:
> To embed the config information, the easiest
> is to map the info to objects.
> Ant introspection is very powerfull and easy
> to use for normal java data object.

The problem is that it only works when you know in advance
what the configuration elements are going to be.  In this
example, that is not the case.

> Alternatively one can use the DynamicConfigurator 
> interface. This provides the name of the unknown element
> and the name/value of unknown attributes.

That might be something worth pursuing.  Now, can I have
a mixture of DyanimicConfigurator objects and mapped
objects in the *same* task?

Or more importantly as a child of one of the mapped

For example:

   <test on-components="foo,bar">
     <include name="**/XYZComp/*Test"/>
        <xyz-comp id="foo"/>
        <zyx-comp id="bar">
          <arbitrary value="null"/>

The child of the <configuration/> element is completely
free-form, although the rest of the task elements would
map to real objects.

Is there an Task already written that uses the DynamicConfigurator
where I can see how it works with it?

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