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From "J.Pietschmann" <>
Subject Re: Testing for an abstract method
Date Thu, 15 May 2003 19:31:22 GMT
Dominique Devienne wrote:
> The fact that the meaning of <available> was overloaded in the past doesn't
> mean we should continue doing so... And still, available currently looks for
> files/streams (on file-system, classpath, path, etc...), which is quite
> different than looking for particular characteristic of whatever's described
> in these streams...
Ah, I missed this.

> Condition names that could be used:
> <classHasMethod>
> <classHasField>
> <classHasInnerClass>
> <classIsAssigneableFrom>
> etc...
> Having separate conditions allows to associate them with <and>, <or>, etc...
> as needed.
I see. I'm still wrangling with ideas about how to make it
easy to test multiple conditions of this kind on the same
class. Repeating the fully qualified class name every time
seems to be a bit bothersome, even though it's probably

> As far as allowing to check for particular method signature, when looking
> for just the method name is not enough, then the simplest thing is to use
> the JNI signature, as in "main([java.lang.String)V", and have an optional
> modifiers attribute. This is well documented, and avoids having to parse the
> signature as written in a Java source file. Of course if you really want the
> ability to say "public static void main(String[])", you're welcome to write
> the parser for it ;-)

I'd thought of using XML structures and using introspection
rather than looking up some string in the source:
   <classHasMethod class="foo" method="bar">
     <parameter type="int"/>
     <parameter type="BazClass"/>
could be roughly handled by this wild pseudocode
   parameterTypes = new Class[count(parameter)];
   for-each parameter
    parameterTypes[position()] = built-in-classes(@type)
    if parameterTypes[position()]==null
       parameterTypes[position()] = Class.forName(@type)


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