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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Using files in classpath in task file=""
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2003 08:23:56 GMT
On Tue, 08 Apr 2003, Nicola Ken Barozzi <> wrote:
> Stefan Bodewig wrote, On 08/04/2003 9.07:
>> But why stick with the resource protocol?  Can't Xalan deal with
>> stylesheets loaded via http?
> Please excuse me, I'm a PITA,

I knew that before this thread ;-)

> You mean use a full URL?

Actually, we are talking about URIs which don't have to be URLs.

Java's URL class isn't able to deal with opaque URIs AFAIK.  (opaque
are those URIs that don't start with a / after the scheme in layman's
terms, like

So I'd probably simply take a String argument and pass that along,
without even looking at it.

> Would that not confuse and create problems when we do move to a VFS?


>   <xslt in="a" out="b" style-url="the/url/to/the/style"/>

Be careful with the dash in the attribute's name.

I mean

<xslt in="a" out="b" style="the/url/to/the/style"/>

for files that need to be resolved and

<xslt in="a" out="b" styleuri=""/>

for a stylesheet obtained from the web.  This implies that build file
writers have to know whether a style sheets comes from the filesystem
or not.  Is this a problem?


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