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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] <propertycopy>
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2003 09:46:17 GMT
Just chiming in to clarify parts of the ant-contrib and copyright
assignment stuff.  As for the vote itself: I've never used that task
and have always felt that not using it is simpler than using it.  But
then again, it's just me.  I won't veto it's adoption, but would
really prefer to not put more and more stuff into Ant.

Not all tasks at ant-contrib are there just because they want to
become parts of Ant at one point.  This is a declared goal for the
cpptasks, but not necessarily for the others, which are primarily
there as people wanted to give them a home.

I can confirm that I did not commit <if> to ant-contrib because I
thought it needed to mature to become part of Ant.  It is there so
that people who feel the need for it can use it.  And I have written
it mainly as a demonstration of both the TaskContainer and Condition
code - no other reason.

The license is the Apache Software License not only because it may
make things easier if the tasks get contributed to the ASF, but simply
because it is a really good license to use for Open Source projects.

If it is OK to migrate all of the task or single tasks to Ant, is a
completely different question, that can only be resolved by asking the
poeple who have worked on the code.  The "Ant-Contrib group" is
coupled quite loosely and I pretty much doubt that you could find a
single voice for all of them.

Please understand that ant-contrib does not follow the Apache Way (tm)
of development.  This is no self-declared meritocracy but a group of
developers and a group of project admins - the later make the calls.

Please also note that neither Curt nor Matt (the two project admins)
are Apache committers - and the same is true for six out of eight
developers).  This meant they'd lose grip of the code unless being
voted in as committers at the same time.  Just food for thought.


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