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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: antlib
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2003 06:49:31 GMT
On Mon, 21 Apr 2003, Antoine Levy-Lambert <>

> 1) antlib & antjar
> ------------------------
> deployment descriptor called antlib.xml which would go in the
> META-INF subdirectory of the antlib

I prefer an XML descriptor over manifest entries as well, because it
is easier to extend in the future.  Say centipede wants to add
information in that descriptor that antlib doesn't need to care

> looks like that
> <antlib version="1.5" >

Is that the version of the antlib parser, i.e. does version define the
format of the file?  The minimal version of Ant the antlib needs?  Or
is that the version of the antlib itself?  I think we'll have to
provide all three items, while the first two may in fact be just one.

> 2) type definitions 
> --------------------------
> allowing to define new implementations of mappers, selectors, paths,
> conditions,

We definitely need this, roles may be the key here.  With that, do we
really need separate <task> and <data-type> in <antlib> or are they
just special cases of roles?

> 3) A scoping framework for the symbol tables needed to manage the
> antlib definitions
> Management of a hash symbol table containing names, classes, and
> roles. Roles are currently task or datatype.  It is possible to
> define new roles.

Works for me.

> 4) A framework for managing classloaders where you can specify which
> classloader to use when loading an antlib.

This is the hardest part IMHO.  Sorry, I haven't looked at the
proposal thoroughly so far.  Is there such a classloading framework in
place?  What does it provide and how do you use it?


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