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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Where are we WRT the JDK decision?
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 08:28:07 GMT
When I fixed the JDepend task, I made it depend on JDK 1.2 - which is
fine as JDepend has the same dependency.

I'll shortly commit the JUnit Report patches and those contain workarounds
for the famous StringBuffer#toString memory leak[1] in JDK 1.4.1.
Unfortunately the workaround is to use StringBuffer#substring which is
not part of JDK 1.1.

IIUC we don't have a 1.1 compatibility requirement for CVS HEAD any
longer, so that is fine.

I'll grep through the sources to see whether I find more cases of
StringBuffer#toString used on shared StringBuffers (its my
understanding that it doesn't do too much harm if the StringBuffer
gets recycled at some point) and will apply the same workaround there.
We won't be able to "fix" the problem in the 1.5 branch, though.


[1]  <>

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