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Subject cvs commit: ant/proposal/sandbox/antlib README
Date Mon, 21 Apr 2003 20:12:33 GMT
antoine     2003/04/21 13:12:33

  Added:       proposal/sandbox/antlib README
  new README file for antlib
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  ant/proposal/sandbox/antlib/README
  Index: README
  There are the following features in the antlib proposal:
      1) antlib & antjar
      2) type definitions that allow to define new implementations of mappers, selectors,
paths, conditions, etc. That you can define in your antlib and a way to link this with the
introspectors (I am not sure how complete this is).
      3) A scoping framework for the symbol tables needed to manage the antlib definitions
(I think ANT has something on this regard)
      4) A framework for managing classloaders where you can specify which classloader to
use when loading an antlib.
  (2) would be really nice, because it will eliminate all the need for mentioning classnames
all around, antlibs will be used just like core.
  Also useful for tasks like <ejbjar> which has vendor specific components that should
be part of the antlib of the vendor.
  (3) Probably should die and be replaced by whatever scoping thing comes from <import>
  (4) This was probably what killed <antlib> the last time around. Probably needs to
be treated separately. In any case, if you load
  multiple antlibs with dependencies, there has t be a way to make them share the same classloader
otherwise you cannot use it.
  So there we go, take a look at the code and let us know what you think,
  Jose Alberto & Antoine

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