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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: API changes introduced while fixing bug 10755
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 14:33:09 GMT
On Fri, 07 Feb 2003, Bruce Atherton <> wrote:
> At 02:28 AM 2/7/2003, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>>One thing that I might want to see some stricter contract enforced
>>is the name.  getName() will currently return names using the
>>platform's file separator as separator for Files and forward slashes
>>for ZipEntryies.
>>I'd prefer to make that always use something predictable, and the
>>platform's separator may be the better choice.
> Depending on what you mean by "platform",

In this case, the OS.  So it would be \ on DOS based systems and / on
Unix.  The same abstraction File.separator uses.  I have no idea what
it is set to on OpenVMS.

> I think this would would not be the best choice since it makes the
> VFS layer you talked about more complicated to eventually do.

So the alternative is "always use /".  Fine with me, makes the code in
ZipScanner even easier to write.

>> > (3) New interface ResourceScanner
>>I'm not convinced that this is really needed (at this point).
> I have to agree.

So let's axe it.

>> > (4) New utility class SourceSelector.
>> >
>> > chosing some better names on the way.
>>At least I hope so.  8-)
> If the comment at the top of the file is a true indication of what
> it is for, then how about "ResourceProcessingUtils", or perhaps more
> simply "ResourceUtils".

s/process/select/ in the comment.  What about the name then?

> Is it necessary that Scanners call the logging API?

Not really.  System.err would probably work.  The problem are debug
messages that you normally would want to suppress, we can as well drop


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