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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: ant xdocs! it ran!
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 21:33:34 GMT
At 11:47 AM 2/13/2003, Erik Hatcher wrote:

>Whether we should do the same thing with this documentation is debatable, 
>but I think maybe it should still remain a special case and link to 
>documentation specifically for its parent.

I guess when I am looking at the reference documentation for a particular 
task, I want to see everything it is capable of. That means all of the 
attributes and elements it supports, even if the material is redundant.

>   I'm not sure though.

Me neither. I take your point about it bulking up the docs. Factoring out 
the common stuff with a link to another page probably is the best solution.

>As for superclass linking.... thats not quite going to work though.  A 
>superclass might not actually be a task, and if it is it might not be a 
>task that can be used directly.

But if the superclass provides public set/add/create methods of the correct 
form, those would allow additional attributes and elements to be given to 
the task from a build file, right? Shouldn't these be documented?

Does all the documentation generated have to be for tasks? Couldn't pages 
be generated that were only available as a link from one of the task pages? 
And shouldn't xdocs eventually support drill down into datatypes 
documentation as well?

Ahh well, I seem to have developed a few more itches on my already 
itch-covered body. Your FOP comment made me want to write an XSL-FO 
stylesheet for xdocs too. You've done a great job already, don't let my 
kibbitzing suggest otherwise.

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